Stand 35

Herengracht 372, 1016 CH Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 362 7022 / +31 6 15 50 90 95

Run by Dr. Lorenz van der Meij, a second-generation art dealer, Van der Meij Fine Arts is a gallery specializing in 19th century European painting, with a special emphasis on northern Europe.

Based in Amsterdam, the gallery’s programme includes Scandinavian, German and Dutch painting in particular. In recent years, interest in 19th century art has enjoyed a revival due to the importance of this period in art history, encompassing Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism and Symbolism.

Our gallery very much participates in this, with regular contributions to art-historical journals as well as a monthly newsletter and regular gallery exhibitions. The gallery has sold to American and European museums, as well as private collectors.

At Fine Arts Paris 2018, Van der Meij Fine Arts will be showing a selection of 19th Century European paintings, with an emphasis on work by Scandinavian, German and Dutch artists.


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