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GALERIE MALAQUAIS, Germaine Richier, La Regodias

Since 2004, the Galerie Malaquais has been showing independant figurative sculpture. This school, which spans several generations, started with Rodin, Bourdelle, and Mailol, and is marked by its commitment to the humanistic and the poetic.

Through thematic exhibitions and in-depth publications, the Galerie Malaquais displays the great range of these artists, including their sculptures, drawings, paintings, and photographs. Through this project, the Galerie Malaquais has become one of the major actors in the current art market, dealing with the principal French museums as well as with private collectors.

The Galerie Malaquais presents artworks by Rodin, Maillol, Bourdelle, Claudel, Desplau, Wlérick, Malfray, Gimond, Schnegg, Driver, Poupelet Damboise, Carton, Goldberg, Babin, Auffret.


GALERIE MALAQUAIS, Germaine Richier, La Regodias
Germaine RICHIER

Germaine RICHIER (1902-1959)
La Regodias (Renée Regodias)

Bronze proof, unnumbered
Lost wax cast by M. Pastori between 1939 and 1947

Signed (at the base of the neck): G. Richier
Founder’s stamp (at the back of the neck): CIRE PERDUE M. PASTORI GENÈVE
H. 40, W. 17, D. 27 cm

GALERIE MALAQUAIS, Camille Claudel, The Implorer

Camille CLAUDEL (1864-1943)
The Implorer (L’Implorante)

“Bronze – small model, Blot casts”
(Number 44-9 in the Catalogue raisonné by Rivie re-Gaudichon)

This sand-cast by Eugène Blot, number 49, with a black-brown patina, cast between 1905 and 1937

Signed (on the terrace, in front of the knees): “C. Claudel”
Foundry mark and numbering (on the terrace, under the signature): “EUG. BLOT / PARIS / 49”
H. 28,4; W. 36; D. 16,5 cm