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GALERIE ORSAY, Alekos FASSIANOS, A summer memory

Ever since it was opened by Simon Lhopiteau, The Galerie Orsay Paris has specialized in 19th and 20th century paintings, sculpture, drawings and prints.

It is located on the romantic Paris Left Bank, two minutes away from the Orsay Museum and the spectacular riverside views of the quays of the Seine. It is housed in a late 18th century mansion, designed by famed Louis XVI architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux.

With a PhD in Art History from the Sorbonne and a degree from the École du Louvre, Simon Lhopiteau who is a member of the Société de l’Histoire de l’Art français and a certified expert with the Compagnie Nationale des Experts (C.N.E.)

The Galerie Orsay Paris is interested in post-impressionism schools and movements and all the way to 20th century Modernism and Abstraction. It periodically sets up shows, particularly in connection with the «CERCLE BEAUX-ARTS RIVE GAUCHE».

GALERIE ORSAY, Alberto GIACOMETTI, View of the artist's studio

Alberto GIACOMETTI (1901 – 1966)
View of the artist’s studio

50 x 32 cm (19,6 x 12,5 inches)
Black pencil on papier
Signed and dated in the bottom right corner : « Alberto Giacometti 1960 »
Another view of the artist’s studio on the drawing’s back crossed out by a blue pen

Foundation Alberto and Annette Giacometti certificate dating back to november 2019, referenced by number 42 30

GALERIE ORSAY, Alekos FASSIANOS, A summer memory

Alekos FASSIANOS (Né en 1935)
A summer memory

Oil on canvas
Dimensions : 46 x 55 cm (18 x 21,6 inches)
Signature mark in the top left corner
Facchetti Gallery label mentioning title and dating from 1969

Fassianos exhibition in february 1969 at Facchetti Gallery