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LES ENLUMINURES, Book of hours by Charles of Maine

Les Enluminures is an internationally recognized leader in the field of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, miniatures, and finger rings.

Dr. Sandra Hindman, an expert on manuscript illumination and Professor Emerita at Northwestern University, founded Les Enluminures in Paris in 1991 in association with her Chicago-based business. The New York City location opened in May 2012.

For over twenty-seven years, Les Enluminures has forged and maintained  relationships with the world’s most prestigious public and private collections. International clients include the Musée du Louvre, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the British Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the J. Paul Getty Museum, among many others. The gallery has exhibited in most major international art fairs, and organizes three to four exhibitions in our gallery spaces annually.


LES ENLUMINURES, Book of hours by Charles of Maine
Master of Charles of MAINE

Master of Charles of MAINE
Exceptional discovery: the only book of hour by the rare Master of Charles of Maine

Book of Hours (use of Paris)
In Latin and French, illuminated manuscript on parchment
Angers or Le Mans (?), c. 1450-1460
14 large miniatures and 1 historiated initial by the Master of Charles du Maine

This newly discovered Book of Hours of relatively large format sheds light on the revival of French book illumination in the aftermath of the Hundred Years’ War.

It is the first known devotional manuscript illuminated by the important and rare artist the Master of Charles of Maine.