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After more than two decades of rigorous work and research, DE LA MANO has specialized on the work of Spanish masters of the 16th century up to the 19th century, focusing on the artists of the Baroque period and on those of the so-called The Age of Enlightenment.

Throughout the years the gallery has issued diverse publications with reference to consultation from important Spanish and international art historians with scientific research on different painters and their artistic production. Likewise, exhibitions have been held which have brought significant academic studies on painting in Spain, primarily of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Spanish Colonial Art, and the exchange of images and ideas across the Atlantic, is also one the main focuses of our gallery. The New World’s Old Master Paintings were used by the Catholic church as pedagogical tools and instruments of devotion. The Portuguese and Spanish monarchies began converting the indigenous peoples to Christianity, but the native artistic traditions of the diverse cultures and geographic areas of the New World transformed artistic source material imported from Europe into distinctive and original artworks as the enconchados or emplumados.

In our gallery you will find for sale a broad selection of paintings and decorative arts by South American artists from the 17th through 19th centuries that represents the diverse cultures and great geographic diversity of Colonial Latin America.

Vicente RODES, Allegorical scene

Vicente RODES
Allegorical scene
Oil on canvas
36 x 25 cm
Madrid, private collection