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On the occasion of its participation in FINE ARTS PARIS, GALERIE SEINE 55 present a major works by important modern and post-war painters and in particular a 1948 painting by Pierre Soulages.

A walnut stain on paper laid on canvas that come from Hans Hartung Collection. The period 1947-49 called by Pierre Encrevé “the walnut stain” is truly decisive in the work of Pierre Soulages. It is with these paintings on paper, made with walnut stain, that the artist will experience real satisfaction. It was with his first paintings on paper that Pierre Soulages gained international recognition 1948-49 : they were immediately emblematic of his uniqueness and we find among them his first masterpieces.

It was at this time that the collector Ottomar Domnick selected a walnut on paper for the poster of the exhibition “Französiche abstrakte Malerei”, the exhibition was presented from December 1948 to June 1949. It was also at the end of 1948 that Pierre Soulages unexpectedly received a visit from James Johnson Sweeny, then curator at MOMA, who wanted to see the work of this “painter with large brush” he had heard about. And without even making himself know, he immediately bought a small walnut stain on paper. The name of Pierre Soulages is listed in the painting catalogs of more hundred museums and art foundations around the world, but only three have a walnut stain on paper from this period.

“These paintings on paper by Soulages prefigure everything that will be his paintin.” Michel Ragon

Pierre SOULAGES, Walnut stain on paper laid on canvas

(born in 1919)
Walnut stain on paper laid on canvas
1948-11, 1948
14 x 13 4/5 in (paper) – 23 x 22 4/5 in (frame)
Signed with pencil lower right