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Located in the heart of the Sablon, the antiques district of Brussels, the gallery spans three floors in a contemporary atmosphere designed by the talented Belgian designer Charles Kaisin.

Passionate collectors, Patrick and Ondine Mestdagh present an extraordinary selection of objects from outside Europe.

Hei Tiki Maori nephrite pendant, New Zealand

Hei Tiki Maori nephrite pendant,
New Zealand

This pendant (hei in Maori) depicts a human being (tiki) in the position of rest: his legs are folded underhim and his arms are resting on the thighs.

Sometimes the sculptor details the hands which only have 3 fingers, placed on the stomach as a mark of satisfaction.

The head, most often leaning to the right, with the tongue sticking out (gesture of provocation among the Maori).

The eyes of the face are enhanced by mother-of-pearl, later with the influence of Europeans, they could be made of wax red – this color of powerful symbolism is highly sought after in the Polynesian world.

Worn around the neck, it is often in nephrite (pounamu in Maori) or in whalebone with a vegetable fiber cord and a bones clasp whale