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Rosenberg & Co. was borne out of a unique and eminently important lineage that has significantly shaped the course of modern art history. We uphold the Rosenberg family name with a commitment to excellent provenance and outstanding quality, exhibiting Modern masters as well as nurturing the careers of contemporary artists who continue to advance and develop the abstract tradition.

Rosenberg & Co. plans to present a booth featuring works by contemporary artists and artist estates represented by the gallery alongside high quality secondary market Modern and contemporary works on paper that complement the gallery’s roster. With exhibitions such as Inspired by History (Spring 2015), Cubist Perspectives (Fall 2016), A Different Medium (Fall 2017), and European Masters (Summer 2019), Rosenberg & Co. specializes in juxtaposing Modern and contemporary works, demonstrating the link between early twentieth-century fine art and artwork made today.

Rosenberg & Co. is based in New York and continues the Rosenberg family’s distinguished tradition of exhibiting an international roster of works by prominent Impressionist, Modern, and living artists. The gallery represents contemporary artists Brendan Stuart Burns, Maureen Chatfield, and Tom H. John, as well as the artists’ estates of Reuben Nakian, Fred Stein, and Jeffrey Wasserman. Composed of four generations of art dealers, the Rosenberg family has been one of the most important dealers in the history of Modern art. In the twentieth century, Paul Rosenberg represented many of the most renowned Modern masters, including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Fernand Léger, and Georges Braque. His son, Alexandre P. Rosenberg, continued the gallery, and in 1962 became the founding President of the Art Dealers Association of America. Rosenberg & Co., owned and run by Marianne Rosenberg, Paul Rosenberg’s granddaughter, focuses on the highest standards of connoisseurship and expertise that have been cultivated over generations by the family.

Giacomo MANZÙ, Cestino

Giacomo MANZÙ
Gilded bronze
50 x 34 x 16 cm
Stamped with the artist’s signature, Manzù.